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Free SharePoint Power User Training (VIDEO)

Last week I have made my SharePoint Beginner Training video available for free and on demand. Today, I have another small present for you. My SharePoint Power User (also known as Site Owner) training is also available on demand and completely free of charge. Just like the beginner class, it is a 2 hour session filled with tips, tricks and “how-to” instructions, but this time, for power users of SharePoint. And, just like the Beginner SharePoint Training session, I do offer this one in live format as well. So if you want one for your organization, you can purchase the class and schedule it here.

Here are the topics covered in the SharePoint Power User (Site Owner) class:

  • How to Create Sites
  • How to create proper site navigation
  • How to change Look & Feel of the site
  • How to manage security Security
  • How to Edit Pages
  • How to Add new pages
  • How to create new web parts
  • How to add web parts to a page
  • How to add custom metadata
  • How to create custom views on a list or a library

Ready to learn SharePoint? Then grab some popcorn and enjoy the show! In case you are looking for a slide deck that I mention during the session, you can access and download it from here


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