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How to create a blog site in SharePoint

SharePoint is of course known for its wonderful and superb document management and collaboration features, but did you know that you could also use it to publish a company blog? So this blog post is all about blog posts in SharePoint ūüôā ¬†Follow these step by step instructions to¬†create a blog site in SharePoint in just a few minutes.

How to create a blog site in SharePoint

To get one started, you need to create a subsite based on the out of the box blog site template.

  1. Gear Icon > Site Content > New Subsite
  2. Fill in the details you normally would for a subsite, Make sure to choose the Blog templatecreate a blog site in SharePoint
  3. Click Create. You will end up with a subsite like the one below.create a blog site in SharePoint

SharePoint blog functions

You do have some options and features that allow for some customization using Blog Tools panel.


When you create a new post in your blog, you can tag it against a category. Categories are maintained in a SharePoint list, so it is a pretty straightforward way for you to add/edit entries.


Whenever users add comments to the posts, they are all getting populated in another SharePoint List. Just like with any other lists, you can edit entries and delete if necessary!


Creating new posts is as easy as filling out an item form on any SharePoint List. Instead of Save button, you just click Publish, and the post is live!

create a blog site in SharePoint

Once created, all posts, live in a SharePoint list. Just like with Categories and Comments, it makes it easy to maintain them, edit, delete, etc.

Posts Layout

You also have several layout options to choose from (Basic, Boxed, Inline). This allows you to spice up the look and feel a bit.

Here is an example of Boxed layout. Not bad at all РI like it!

create a blog site in SharePoint

Page Layout

Just like with other types of sites and pages, you can edit the layout of a SharePoint blog page and add/move/remove web parts and tailor the look and feel of your company blog any way you wish. Awesome!

create a blog site in SharePoint

Blog Use Cases

You can have as many blog sites as you wish, here are a few ideas/use cases for your Intranet Portal:

  • Company Blog
  • Department Blog
  • Manager Blog
  • Project Blog

Sharing your blog

Of course, once you create a blog site in SharePoint, you probably want to spread the word in your organization about it. There is an excellent article written by Tracy van der Schyff that outlines various ways you can use to share your blog site with your peers. Check it out here.

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