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Utilizing SharePoint for Project Management

Posted on November 11, 2013

I see more and more organizations trying to utilize SharePoint for Project Management. When used correctly, SharePoint can be a very powerful tool and great alternative to many third-party project management tools available on the market. I want to share one my presentations with you, that provides great tips and tricks on using SharePoint for Project Management.

Here is a synopsis of SharePoint for Project Management slide deck:

SharePoint has been on the market from 2001, and since then, matured into a very stable and popular business collaboration platform. The beauty of SharePoint is that it is relatively easy to customize and it provides an experience already familiar to users via Office suite. Most frequent use of the platform by corporations has been in the areas of web content management, information sharing and document management. However, adoption of SharePoint as a true Project Management Information System (PMIS) has been slow. Out-of-the-box SharePoint is unappealing, customization takes time and acceptance at PMO level is often very bureaucratic. In this presentation I will demonstrate how you can customize SharePoint to help you with your next project.  You will walk away learning tips and tricks that you can implement literally in hours. Among other things, we will discuss how SharePoint can help you facilitate project team collaboration, integrate existing methodologies and empower your project team.




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