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A new year. A new SharePoint Maven.

It’s finally here.

You’ve sent me email after email asking me to add this specific feature to my website. In fact, it was my number one request.

“Am I missing it or not…do you have a search on your Blog. I know you have the categories, but I usually want to get around faster.”

Cynthia Z., NC

“Is there any way you can add a topic or search filter to your blog? It would be great if you could.”

David L., WI

“You really need to add a search bar to your website.”

Pete G., NJ

You get the picture. So it’s finally here: faster search functionality a/k/a search by keyword.

Sharepoint Search Bar

I know what you’re thinking.

Greg . . . your big reveal is keyword search? Really? Isn’t that like, you know, simple?

Actually, it’s not. Turns out the wrong setup can dramatically slow down your website’s performance. Or just as bad, provide you with the wrong search results.

And who wants that? So now you can search by category, tags, and keywords. (See, I was listening!)

By adding a search function to my blog, it becomes a de facto searchable Knowledge Base that will further help businesses and nonprofits learn how to setup SharePoint’s out-of-the-box functionality with easy to follow, in-depth tutorials.

My other big reveal is a brand new website. Yep, SharePoint Maven website got a full-blown makeover. (And before you ask, the fact that SharePoint also recently got a new look and feel is a total, 100% coincidence.)

So, go ahead and perform a search on your favorite SharePoint topic or just check out the rest of my website! By the way, will be happy to hear what you think! Email me!

New Website

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