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How I come up with topics for my blog posts

Posted on September 25, 2017
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People often ask me how I come up with topics for my blog posts. Let me spill you a secret. It is easy! Anytime my clients or blog followers ask me a question about SharePoint or Office 365, I write it down (in OneNote of course :-) ) and at some point, down the road, it becomes a topic for my future post! Because if you have a question, the chances are, someone else will too!

After all, we are all on the same version of SharePoint and Office 365, trying to do the same exact things like uploading documents, creating secure sites, share with external users and use metadata. So we are all in this together. The answers to the questions asked by any one of us go a long way and help the rest of the community. This is how I came up with posts like: Folder vs. Library in SharePoint, How to move sites in SharePoint, Share vs. Get a link and many others.

If you have a question on SharePoint, the chances are, someone else will too!

Of course, getting to the answer part is what takes time. Between writing a post, creating proper screenshots, proofreading and publishing, it usually takes me good 8-10 hours to produce a typical article for my blog. But I love it and can’t complain! It takes tremendous pleasure knowing that my posts help many of you and this is what keeps me awake at night (other than an occasional desire to pee :-) ). I love receiving emails from you saying that my posts helped you learn something new about SharePoint and Office 365. They make my day.

I do not accept any guest posts or promotional/paid articles. All posts on my blog are genuine, original content and written by me only (from the bottom of my heart). And you can tell that these posts are written by me because some might contain grammar and spelling mistakes. :-)  (sorry, I am human and not perfect, but I do my best to make my English as a Second Language teachers proud). My only objective/mission is to educate all of you on SharePoint and Office 365 and make that knowledge universal and easily accessible.

Topic of every single post on my blog comes from my loyal blog followers and clients!

While we are on the topic of my blog, some of you have asked whether it is OK to use my content or portions of for educational purposes like in your company training presentations or training materials/manuals. Yes, that is fine, as long as you paste a reference to my blog and original post URL on every page and slide. It is not OK to republish (syndicate) my posts on any websites or other blog sites even with reference to my blog. This constitutes copyright infringement, and I am very serious about it. All the posts on my blog are copyrighted material, and in the past, I went after companies and bloggers who infringed on my intellectual property and have stolen my content.

I really hope you learn and continue to learn from my blog. If there is a topic that is not yet covered, ask me a question :-) ! And hopefully, you will find an answer on my blog sometime down the road!

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