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How to embed Yammer on a SharePoint Page

In case your organization is using Yammer for corporate or group communications, you might want to bring that conversation to your SharePoint Intranet. This will help make SharePoint more “social” while allowing users to consume content and news when working with documents and eating breakfast. In case you are not quite familiar with Yammer, please read this article first.

So below, please find step-by-step instructions on how to integrate Yammer with SharePoint. You have two options to choose from, which one you chose, depends on the type of page you have on your site:

Option 1: Classical (Wiki) Page

With classical (Wiki) page, there is no dedicated Yammer Web Part, so what we have to do is embed it onto the page using the embed code.

  1. So the first step is to grab that embed code. Navigate to the Yammer Group that you want to embed on the SharePoint page (App Launcher > Yammer)
  2. Once on the particular Yammer Group (Board of Directors in my case), click on Embed this feed in your siteembed Yammer on a SharePoint Page
  3. Copy the code that pops-upembed Yammer on a SharePoint Page
  4. Next, go to SharePoint site where you want to embed this Yammer Group in. Click Page > Edit
  5. Place the cursor in the zone where you want to embed your Yammer Feed, then click Insert > Web Part > Media and Content > Script Editor. Then click Add button
  6. Once the Script Editor web part is added, edit it using the little drop-down
  7. Then click Edit Snippet
  8. Paste the code into the window, click Insert
  9. Click OK on the Script Editor Web Part panel
  10. Finally, click Save to save the page
  11. And we are done! You will now see the Yammer feed appear on the pageembed Yammer on a SharePoint Page


  • You can only embed custom Yammer groups using this technique. The default All Company Yammer group cannot be embedded using this method.

Option 2: Modern Pages

In case you switched to the modern pages, the process is much easier and less painful, as there is a built-in Yammer web part.

  1. Edit the Page by clicking on Edit button
  2. Click the plus sign where you want to add the Yammer feed, then choose Yammer Web Partembed Yammer on a SharePoint Page
  3. In the pop-up on the right, type the name of the Yammer feed you want to embed. It could be either a custom group you created or a default All Company one
  4. Just type the name of the group
  5. You can then toggle between all conversations or specific ones
  6. Click Publish
  7. That’s all honey! You now have your Yammer Feed appearing on the SharePoint pageembed Yammer on a SharePoint Page


  1. As of the writing of this post, the modern page Yammer feed is a one-way feed, meaning, you cannot post Yammer messages from within the SharePoint site. Clicking on Like or Comment button takes you directly to Yammer feed (in Yammer).

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