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Happy 18th Birthday, SharePoint!

Another year has gone by, and my baby has now turned 18! That’s right, SharePoint was born on this date, March 28, 2001!

Boy, have you changed and matured over the last year! Completely changed inside and out! Over the last year, you got Hub Sites, so we can now connect all these site collections and Office 365 Groups.

And just recently you also gave us a gift of Mega Menus. SharePoint, we can’t recognize you!

Source of Image: Mark Kashman’s Microsoft Community Blog

And the biggest and the most exciting feature from last year – a new icon! 🙂 Yes, you and your brothers and sisters from Office 365 family all got new icons!

But you know what they say. It is not what’s outside; it is what’s inside that counts.  And boy, you matured so much inside! Over the last year, you gave us the new Admin Center!

So now we can manage those Office 365 Group Sites and Hub Sites and external sharing in a heartbeat!

OK, time to celebrate! If you excuse me, I have to go to the kitchen and have a drink to celebrate the Birthday of my boy! Lehaim!

Happy 18th Birthday SharePoint

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