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The Brand New, Revised SharePoint Maven Academy is now live

Posted on March 2, 2021
Useful Information

Back in March 2020, I announced the release of my On-Demand SharePoint and Microsoft 365 Academy. Since then, thousands of users have taken advantage of the affordable and concise SharePoint tutorials I’ve made available on-demand. If you enrolled in my Free Teams course or any of the paid courses,  thank you!  I hope you learned some new tricks in SharePoint and in other Microsoft 365 applications by enrolling in my courses.

Just like you learned from me, I learned a lot from you, as well.

Many of you provided some valuable feedback and suggested certain improvements to the courses in my SharePoint Maven Academy. Moreover, over the last year, SharePoint and other apps did not stand still – Microsoft has considerably improved the functionality of many of its applications and released tons of new features.

Taking all of this into an account, I decided to completely revamp all of my courses from the ground up.

Each and every course in the Academy was re-recorded from start to finish

I also added additional chapters and sections to each course to account for the new material and SharePoint features. And the best news yet:

All the current and previously enrolled Academy students got an extra 3-month extension absolutely FREE!

So, even if you completed a paid course in the Summer of 2020 and your subscription had already ended, your enrollment in that course has been extended by 3 months, at no additional charge to you. That means you can take advantage of the new material, as well!

To check out the new and improved SharePoint Maven Academy, head over to

SharePoint Maven Academy

About Me

I’m Greg Zelfond, a U.S. based SharePoint consultant, and I provide affordable out-of-the-box SharePoint consulting, training, and configuration assistance to small and medium-sized businesses all over the world.

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