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How to save Loop Page as a Template in Loop Application

Posted on July 5, 2024

One of the long-awaited features within the Loop application was the introduction of the ability to save any Loop Page as a template. This is super handy. As you create new Loop pages – with templates, they take much less time to create and design. In this post, I would like to explain how to save a Loop page as a Template and mention a few important nuances.

How to save a Loop page as a Template

  1. Create a Loop Page with various content and contents that you would like to save as a Template.
  2. Click three dots next to the page and choose Save page as templatesave Loop Page as a Template
  3. On the next screen, give the template a name. You can also change the icon if you wish. Click Save as Loop Page as a Template
  4. Per the screenshot above, the template is saved inside the page Template Gallery, next to the other Microsoft templates.

How to create new Pages from the Page Template

  1. Create a new blank page within the Loop Workspace where you created a template form (more on this below).save Loop Page as a Template
  2. You will then see a list of available templates that exist. Most of the templates are Microsoft default Templates, however, on the top-left you will see the templates that you created that are part of this workspace.
  3. Choose the Template and click Use this Template buttonsave Loop Page as a Template
  4. It will then add all the content from the Loop Page Template to your blank page

Nuances about the Loop Page Templates

  • The Template can only be reused within the same workspace. In other words, if you saved a Loop Page Template within a given workspace, it can only be used within that workspace. If you create a new page outside of the workspace or in another workspace, the template won’t be available.
  • The Loop Page Template saves all the contents of the page (text, components, content within the components). In other words, if you added a Task List with some tasks and dates – they will all be part of the Loop Page Template.

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