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How to properly spell SharePoint

Posted on August 1, 2018
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If you are a frequent visitor to my blog, you know that I love posting “How to” articles on various out of the box features available in SharePoint. This is another “How to” article, but it is not related to a SharePoint feature, but rather SharePoint itself. Its spelling, to be precise.

Let me tell you one thing that really annoys me! I hate when people misspell “SharePoint.” I have seen so many improper variations! Share point, Sharepoint, etc. The correct way is “SharePoint.” Capital “S”, Capital “P”, no spaces. Don’t offend my baby, please! 😊

That said, I am no angel either! Since English is not my native language, occasionally I tend to misspell all the other words in my blog, other than SharePoint. And I am thankful to you, my loyal blog followers, as many of you occasionally email me and let me know about this. You see, it works out perfectly – you teach me English, I teach you SharePoint. 😊


Capital S, Capital P, all one word, no spaces


spell SharePoint

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