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Happy 19th Birthday, SharePoint!

Posted on March 28, 2020
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Yep, another year has gone by, and our baby is now nineteen years old! SharePoint was born on this date in 2001! Hard to believe. I know what you are thinking. Greg, you are such a geek, celebrating birthdays of nonhumans, get a life! Well, SharePoint is my life! I have been using SharePoint since 2006, and it has been my full-time job since I started consulting in 2013. It is tough to imagine my life without it, mainly because it also helps me pay the bills now.

It was another year of significant changes for our little boy! The biggest one, I would say, was the ability to change the site URL. Created a site and now want to change the site address? No worries, head over to the SharePoint Admin Center, and adjust it as necessary.


Another change that indirectly impacted SharePoint was the release of Private channels within MS Teams. While the actual change occurred in MS Teams, the creation of a private channel creates a brand new site in SharePoint to store the files. I explain this behavior in this post.


This is the last year when SharePoint is a teenager, and next year, we will all be celebrating 20 years since its birth. I personally can’t wait for this milestone! But for now, I am heading over to the kitchen to celebrate. Lehaim!

SharePoint Birthday

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