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A Look Behind the SharePoint Maven Website Redesign

Posted on September 6, 2022
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In most things — whether it’s software, language, or even your favorite TV show — evolution and positive growth are necessary to keep things interesting and relevant. SharePoint underwent a significant transition in 2017, becoming a modern and sexy tool we now call Modern SharePoint. And SharePoint Maven is not the exception!

This is exactly why I debuted the new, revamped SharePoint Maven website and blog in August of this year. Don’t get me wrong; I was very happy with the website in its original form, but it was first designed in 2016. So just like with classic SharePoint – it was time for a change!

Expanded Content, Expanded Value

In the early days of the website, I primarily focused my blog posts on the SharePoint application. It was a fantastic way to establish a dependable routine and a loyal following. Since then, however, my blog has expanded into other Microsoft 365 applications as well, and I felt it was important to incorporate those topics into the website as a whole to display a better initial picture of my skillset and expertise.

Initially, I focused on offering only Intranet configuration and live training services. Eventually, I also started offering additional services — hourly consulting, document management, and more. When 2020 arrived, however, it was the perfect opportunity to introduce my on-demand training, thanks to my SharePoint Maven Academy. And to enhance the value of my offerings and encourage connection in an uncertain, isolated time, I started the SharePoint Maven podcast in April of 2020.

What I loved in the old website, I have made sure to incorporate in this most recent iteration: a clean design, a straightforward approach, and a friendly atmosphere. Here are the biggest changes I made:

New Consulting and Resource Sections

As the scope of my content and offerings expanded, it became clear that a new organization system was necessary if I wanted my site to continue to be informative and user-friendly. So, after some minor changes to the navigation, you can now find all of my services under the Consulting menu. From hourly consulting to more specialized topics, you can book any of my services directly on my website!

SharePoint Maven Website Redesign

There is now also a separate section for Resources. This is where you can easily browse current and past blog posts, as well as access my podcast and all archived episodes. This way, there’s no need to wade through the content you don’t want, just to find exactly what you’re looking for.

SharePoint Maven Website Redesign

Improved Blog Access

Are you looking to learn about a specific topic? No need to scroll through past articles — you can now browse blog post topics/categories, listed on the right-hand-side panel of the blog page. This allows you to access all blog posts on a certain topic, in one convenient place.


A Comprehensive Home Base

You can now find information on all of my services right on the homepage, along with information about me and a contact form. Now, no matter where you are on my site, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for — quickly, easily, and effectively.


I’ve also added a video that explains all of the ways I can help customers, whether they’re brand new to SharePoint or looking for an upgrade in understanding.

I’m grateful for your support thus far, and excited for the places this new, refreshed website will take us!

About Me

I’m Greg Zelfond, a U.S. based SharePoint consultant, and I provide affordable out-of-the-box SharePoint consulting, training, and configuration assistance to small and medium-sized businesses all over the world.

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