SharePoint for Project Management

SharePoint for Project Management

Streamline the way you manage projects


Do you use a lot of different apps to keep track of your projects?

SharePoint provides you with an easy-to-use platform that pulls together information from various programs, such as MS Office, MS Project, Visio and Outlook. I can customize your SharePoint environment to allow these programs to essentially “talk to each other,” seamlessly integrating tasks, resources, conversations and project documents so that you always have the latest information you need to set up, manage, and complete your projects, all in one place.


How Managing Your Projects in SharePoint Can Save You Time

My affordable SharePoint solutions are designed to help businesses and nonprofit organizations to quickly manage projects of varying scope and complexity using SharePoint and Office 365 platform.

As a PMP-certified Project Manager with over 15 years experience managing a variety of IT projects, I have a deep understanding of what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to managing both small and complex projects.


How SharePoint Makes It Easy to Manage Your Projects

I will help you set up a simple and intuitive interface that can help your team share information and facilitate collaboration.

My low-cost SharePoint project management setup can boost your team’s effectiveness by:

  • Making it easy for everyone in your organization to know where they can find and manage their projects
  • Gathering disparate project documents, tasks, emails, and more into a single location
  • Breaking down silos to facilitate seamless integration with other departments throughout your organization
  • Offering numerous configuration options to fit different size projects

SharePoint project management will transform the way you grow your business.


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