SharePoint Maven FAQs

About the SharePoint Maven

Where are you located?

I live in Ottawa, Canada. But I work globally. 🙂

 Do you do business with clients outside of USA and Canada?

Even though I live in Canada, Office 365/SharePoint’s ‘cloud’ technology permits me to operate virtually. In other words, I don’t need to come to your office to customize SharePoint for you. I serve clients on all 7 continents. The only continent I don’t have clients at yet is Antarctica. 🙂

What does the word ‘maven’ in SharePoint Maven mean?

The word maven comes from Hebrew, meaning “trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others” [Source]

What industries do you serve?

I work with a wide spectrum of businesses and non-profits including: Real Estate, Finance, Information Technology, Medical/Health, Non-Profit, Engineering, Retail & Government.

Are you really an expert in SharePoint?

I try to use word ‘expert’ carefully. Truth of the matter is, SharePoint is a very complicated system and you can’t be an expert in all of its aspects. That being said, I have led a number of SharePoint implementations and over the years and accumulated lots of great skills and knowledge to make your future SharePoint implementation successful.

What size of organization do you work with?

I work with any size of organization. Still, most of my clients are small (5-10 people) to medium (up to 1,000 users) businesses and non-profits. Most of my clients need help with Office 365/SharePoint out-of-the-box and need to setup proper site and information architecture within their organizations. Larger organizations typically require technically sophisticated and complex SharePoint configurations and interfaces and those needs are best served by larger consulting firms.

Do you have anyone else working for you or do you do everything yourself?

You will work with me. I do not outsource any work to subcontractors or external consultants.


SharePoint Services

Which SharePoint versions do you work with?

I work with and have experience with all major SharePoint versions (SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013). As a consultant, I advise my clients to be on the latest and greatest version of SharePoint (2013). If you are still using an older version (2010, not to mention 2007 which is no longer supported by Microsoft) – it is definitely time to upgrade (which I can help you with). Email me

How long will my SharePoint Implementation/configuration take?

SharePoint implementation is a constantly evolving process. And each organization is unique so there is really no standard timeframe. The initial roll-out of 1-2 sites usually takes 1-2 months (this timeline would include requirements gathering, configuration, migration, documentation and training).

How much will it cost?

Since each configuration is unique, there is no standard cost. Every organization is different. Some businesses need 1-2 project or team sites, while others are looking to migrate their whole internal document file shares to SharePoint/Office 365. I will provide a customized quote for you once we go through high-level project scope definition.

Do you charge by the hour? If so, what is your hourly rate?

I work on a fixed fee arrangement. Once I understand your project scope, I issue a fixed fee estimate based on a project scope discussed. This way, you can sleep at night and be rest assured that you are not going to exceed your set budget. Unlike other SharePoint consultants and SharePoint consulting firms, I DO NOT charge by the hour. My clients are typically small to medium size businesses and non-profits who cannot afford “open wallet” engagements.

I am interested in your services. What is the process to engage you?

The first step would be for you to get in touch with me by either emailing me direct at or filling out my contact form. Then I’ll contact you to discuss your needs. If you are interested in proceeding, we then have a more detailed project scope definition phone call or web session to dive into your requirements. That typically gives me enough information to provide an accurate quote for you.

I represent an IT Consulting firm and have clients of my own who are rolling out Office 365/SharePoint. Do you work as a sub-contractor where you’ll work directly with my clients helping them with SharePoint roll-out?

Absolutely. I provide sub-contracting support to several IT consulting firms and I can work directly with your clients on as as-needed basis.

I need some custom development and interfaces to other applications from my SharePoint. Can you help us with that?

If you require custom development, that is outside of my area of expertise. I will be happy to refer you to my SharePoint colleagues though!



I am using SharePoint 2010. Which version are you using in the course and does this matter?

It does not matter. I am using SharePoint 2013 for a demo, however, all the concepts are the same for a previous version of SharePoint (SharePoint 2010). If you are using SharePoint 2007, some functionalities might not have been available at that time.

During a SharePoint configuration, how much training will you provide and for how many of my staff?

It really depends on you. I can either train all your staff or we can utilize a ‘train-the-trainer’ approach (I will train your power users and they train the rest of the staff). I offer all sorts of training, from end users to power users to SharePoint Administrators. Learn more about my SharePoint training here.

I am quite comfortable with IT and just “need a hand” with SharePoint. Can you give me tips training, so I do the rest?

Of course. If you just need a hand, I will be happy to work with you and your staff to share some best practices on SharePoint as well as give a hands-on training on site creation and administration. Contact me for more information.