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SharePoint Department Site Example

Quite often, I am being asked by my clients to create a SharePoint Department Site Template. In this blog post, I would like to share an example of SharePoint Department Site, as well as explain its elements and best practices related to setup and configuration. Some time ago, I published step by step instructions on how to create a Project Team Site… keep reading >

10 Practical Tips to Boost SharePoint User Adoption

“SharePoint User Adoption is like marriage – You need to invest time and energy to make it work” We all learn by analyzing mistakes we or others made and when it comes to SharePoint implementations, believe me, I have seen my share. SharePoint User Adoption is one of the most critical aspects of SharePoint success. So I decided to compile a list… keep reading >

10 reasons why SharePoint training matters

“Neglecting SharePoint User Training during implementation is a crime”. You won’t see a name of some famous visionary under this quote, because I came up with this myself. And I firmly stand behind it. And here are 10 reasons why: 1. SharePoint is not DropBox (or file share/network drive). As I already stated in one of my earlier articles, DropBox and SharePoint are… keep reading >