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How not to go insane with all the SharePoint changes

I have gotten lots of emails and calls in recent months from anxious clients asking me about all the SharePoint changes they happen to encounter in Office 365, like the new look for a document library, for example. While all the improvements are great in the long run, they do bring short-term inconvenience and anxiety to end users when things don’t exactly… keep reading >

6 ways your organization will benefit from the new SharePoint Home Experience

One of the recent and most drastic changes to occur to SharePoint Online and Office 365 was the total revamp of the Sites home and its transformation into a SharePoint home. In addition to a pure name change, the look and feel and how the new homepage is used have changed as well. This was a welcome change in the SharePoint community.… keep reading >

5 must-have SharePoint and Office 365 Mobile Apps

If your organization is using SharePoint Online and Office 365, I am sure one of the core user requirements is an ability to access content via mobile devices. Historically, mobile access to SharePoint has been somewhat of a weak spot. There were a handful of 3rd party apps available, which did a decent job, but none were native Microsoft applications. There has been… keep reading >

How to add a custom Tile to Office 365 App Launcher

Can you send me that URL? I bet you hear this question often when your employees start using SharePoint and Office 365. Between Outlook email, OneDrive, Skype, SharePoint and many other Office 365 modules, you want to make sure your employees have a consistent and user-friendly experience and can easily go from OneDrive to Outlook email to SharePoint Intranet. The good thing is… keep reading >

Days of SaaS Project Management software are numbered, thanks to Office 365 and SharePoint

In the last decade, we have seen hundreds of cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Project Management software tools become available to organizations large and small. The tools provided a great and flexible way to manage projects, tasks, collaborate and store documents and allowed for easy and out of the box collaboration. Moreover, they allowed for easy access to information, especially for remote users. However,… keep reading >

SharePoint Online or on premises?

SharePoint Online or on Premises? That is usually the big decision that IT managers need to make first when considering a shift to new version of SharePoint. Up until 2011, there was really no choice – in order to reap the benefits of SharePoint – organizations had to host it somewhere. Which meant they had to manage it on their own servers,… keep reading >

SharePoint is a Religion!

Now that we just completed another series of winter holidays, Hanukkah and Christmas, I realized something. SharePoint is a Religion! And we are all part of it! If you don’t understand what I mean, let me explain… Why is SharePoint a Religion? SharePoint has a large following Just like any major religion – it has a large following. There are many people in… keep reading >


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