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Free Microsoft Teams Training is now available

A few days ago, I announced the grand opening of SharePoint Maven Academy, where you can enroll in various SharePoint/Office 365 courses I put together and made available On-Demand.

Today, I would like to make another big announcement – the availability of the Microsoft Teams Training course. But that is not all.

Teams Training is absolutely FREE

Initially, this was supposed to be a paid course, just like the other on-demand courses in my Academy. However, due to the ongoing pandemic and many working from home all of a sudden and being spontaneously introduced to Microsoft Teams, I would like to do my part in helping the community and make this course completely free of charge to everyone.

To enroll in Free Microsoft Teams Training, please follow this link.

Just like with the rest of the courses in my academy, I will do my best to keep it fresh and relevant as Microsoft adds new functionality.

Stay well, stay safe and happy learning!

Free Microsoft Teams Training

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