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Free SharePoint Training – an industry first

When I started SharePoint Maven few years ago, I wanted to build something revolutionary and unique. I did not want to follow the common wisdom and just be “another SharePoint consultant”. My goal was to focus not on sales and profits, but rather on delivering value and an excellent customer service to my clients.  I pride myself on both every single day.… keep reading >

SharePoint is a Religion!

Now that we just completed another series of winter holidays, Hanukkah and Christmas, I realized something. SharePoint is a Religion! And we are all part of it! If you don’t understand what I mean, let me explain… Why is SharePoint a Religion? SharePoint has a large following Just like any major religion – it has a large following. There are many people in… keep reading >

Happy Holidays from SharePoint Santa!

I wish all of you, my loyal blog followers, your families and your colleagues Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!   Yes, that is me in the picture and yes, this is what I do, when I don’t do SharePoint. In addition to spreading the love of SharePoint and Office 365, I also spread the love of holidays to friends’… keep reading >

My Blog has been selected as one of the Top 20 Best SharePoint Blogs!!!

Hello my loyal blog readers! I am pleased to announce that my Blog has been selected as one of the Top 20 Best SharePoint Blogs!!!   by SharePoint Community – a dedicated social network that serves SharePoint professionals and SharePoint Community. I am really honored by this. However, the competition is not finished – there is voting going on now to choose the… keep reading >

5 reasons why you need a SharePoint consultant for your small business or a nonprofit

Your small business or a nonprofit has acquired Office 365 or SharePoint Online. Email accounts have been configured and working great, and now it is time to migrate documents to one central location so everyone can collaborate. You made it to the homepage of your newly setup SharePoint site. And that’s where the reality starts to settle in. For some reason, things… keep reading >