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How to properly configure Microsoft 365 Group email settings

One of the biggest mysteries and misunderstandings I find from my experience working with clients is how Microsoft 365 Group distribution list works. Some users receive an email; some do not. Sometimes that group is visible in Outlook; sometimes, it does not. So in this article, I would like to clear the confusion once and for all (hopefully) and explain to you,… keep reading >

How to do branching in Forms

I love Microsoft Forms, but I will admit it, I hate filling out lengthy questionnaires. Sometimes you agree to complete someone’s survey, only to find it never-ending with its list of fifty-five boring questions. One way around this issue would be to build branching logic into the Form. Branching allows you to “program” the form to skip specific questions based on user… keep reading >

How to request document approval in SharePoint using Power Automate

Let’s face it. Document approval is one of the most frequent requests in day-to-day collaboration. Whether you need formal approval or a quick check-up from someone before the document is shared with the masses, an approval mechanism is often required. I always joked when I worked in a corporate world that document approval was the second most important approval workflow within the… keep reading >

How to manage comments on a Microsoft list

If you work with lists, you probably noticed the ability to add comments to the list items. In this article, I would like to explain how to manage comments on a Microsoft list and disable them if need be. What are Microsoft Lists If you are new to the whole concept of lists, you might want to check this article first to… keep reading >

4 ways to send and collect responses with Microsoft Forms

I blogged a lot about MS Forms previously. I am a huge fan of this application– which is a lightweight tool that is part of the Office 365 suite. It is easy to use yet allows for some customization. And it also integrates well with SharePoint, which is music to my ears 😊. In this article, I would like to explain four… keep reading >

How to create an FAQ using collapsible sections in SharePoint Online

Some time ago, I introduced you to the wonderful new feature we now got in SharePoint pages called Collapsible sections. The feature allows you to add lots of content to your page and have the sections expand/collapse in an accordion style manner. Today I want to provide a specific use case for the collapsible section feature – FAQ (frequently asked questions) database.… keep reading >