SharePoint for Real Estate

SharePoint for Real Estate

A better way to organize the properties you own or manage


SharePoint for Real EstateAre you tired of sifting through emails whenever you need to locate a particular report or document that a property manager sent you?

SharePoint helps real estate companies to keep track of the numerous details involved in successfully managing multiple properties. This Microsoft platform provides a cloud-based solution that makes it easy for your employees to set up information related to new and existing properties, to store tenant and vendor related information, and to capture critical conversations and emails to establish an audit trail.


Using SharePoint to boost collaboration and productivity

Real estate companies often have their data spread across hundreds of spreadsheets, databases, and standalone systems that make extracting data to compile management reports difficult. It also increases data entry time and errors, as employees find themselves in the position of retyping the same information into multiple systems.

With SharePoint, you can create custom templates and site portals that pull data from multiple sources, providing a single site for your employees to keep track of conversations with tenants, vendors, and colleagues. I offer a variety of low-cost services designed to make the process of setting you up on SharePoint as painless as possible.


How my solutions make your life better

SharePoint Maven can set up a simple and intuitive interface that can help your employees share information no matter where they are located.

My affordable SharePoint services can streamline your operations by:

  • Creating property templates to streamline the process of adding new acquisitions
  • Setting up alerts when certain tasks are due or have been completed
  • Creating a document library to store shared documents

My SharePoint solutions significantly boost the productivity of your real estate operations.


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