SharePoint for Legal Firms

SharePoint for Legal Firms

Drive collaboration and productivity at your law firm


Are you still using outdated, clunky document management software to organize your documents?

Law firms generate a great deal of documentation that needs to be organized for easy access at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, most document management software systems are not able to keep up with the evolving demands of a modern law practice. SharePoint Maven can create a custom SharePoint environment that will allow you to seamlessly connect and sync your tasks and documents, whether you are in your office or in the courtroom.


How managing your client matter in SharePoint can boost your productivity

My affordable SharePoint solutions are designed to simplify the process of setting up and managing all the documentation related to your client cases, no matter how small or large.

As a PMP-certified Project Manager with over 15 years experience, I am able to quickly evaluate your needs and set up a new SharePoint environment that will allow you to maximize your investment.


How SharePoint saves you time

I create custom SharePoint solutions that allow your attorneys, legal and administrative staff to easily manage the case-related matter they create from the applications and devices they use on a daily basis. Whether they are in the office or accessing documents from a smartphone, SharePoint provides a secure, cloud-based platform that is easy to update and maintain.

My affordable SharePoint services can streamline the business side of your law practice by:

  • Organizing all your case-related files together so you can quickly find what you need
  • Making it easy for your staff to manage client-related material such as emails, contracts, files and other matters
  • Improving your ability to find key documents through the use of clear taxonomies that you can adapt to your needs
  • Giving you built-in version control over your documents, eliminating the need to assign new version numbers whenever you revise a document

My SharePoint solutions allow busy legal practices to stay one step ahead of their competition.


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